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Kolmas itsenäisyystaistelu - New Struggle of Independence is a ambitious process for new citizenship in global economy and centralized world of grobalisation.*

*In his book The Globalization of Nothing (2004), George Ritzer quotes that globalization consists of glocalization grobalization. Grobalization, refers to "imperialistic ambitions of nations, corporations, organizations, and the like and their desire, indeed need, to impose themselves on various geographic areas".pposite to glocalization, grobalization aims to "overwhelm local". Its ultimate goal is to see profit grow through unilateral homogenization, thus earning its name grobalization. Capitalism, americanisation or mcdonaldisation parts of grobalization.


New Struggle of Independence is a new way of presenting and deliver the Idea, that is the "knowledge age manuscript promoted to actions".

It is not just a book but also a multimedial library in your pocket on screen, in paper and in your ears.


It is based on Mr Veli-Antti Savolainen´s book, ebook, infoslides for tutorial and learning purposes, radio-, tv-programmes and distiribution of the content in all mediaformats and -channels.


Kolmas itsenäisyystaistelu - New Struggle of Indpendence will be  published in 2017 first in Finnish.

It´s a multimedia packgage of sharp analysis  but also a road to the better world-


The project includes new perfomance and presentation tools and processing system for all sorts of groups and networks in "civil opposition" demanding change and/or making creative hypercycles on decentralised, horizontal level for positive aims.

The Book in english

Let´s read a piece of the book and then meet the author and find out the basic idea.


New independence - we shall overcome


Let me tell this in militant words of earlier freedom fighters - even I never have carried a gun.

I´m talking of the bureaucracy and snailing in front of us all over. It´s not just administration - it´s in front of us also in private sector.


One percent of the people in the world are doing so well that they don´t want any changes but a status quo that will freeze their interest for ever.

They are operating with billions against the will and interest of 99 cent of the people. Where ever there is public, common good they want to privatize it from us to them.

They have created an ideology for this, it is called neoliberalism and special tool for stealing common good is “new pubic management.”


But the World needs change because we are borrowing too much, using natural resources like nobody´s business, giving birth for too many.

They want that there should not be any new divide of resources or wealth. Their ideology is that when they get more it soon will trickle down – you know, here under the table. Me First, my moneys great again.


Three fourths of the World Economy happens between two hundred of the biggest multinational companies.


There are many owners in multigiants,but only 144 companies that are making two third of the World trade because only in fact a little part of shares gives you the power. These companies are led by new Aristocracy, that have huge benefits, and reason to defend it.


This Aristocracy differs from Old Capitalists whom you knew by face. The new aristocracy is faceless mass of Big Bosses, visible, but in unpleasant situation or in situation against his own interest, always hiding behind the system. Faceless Boss acts by sending matters to be handled, and killed, to the lower level of organisation.


The System fits very well to the Defence Strategy in the New Struggle of Independence. It is good to take harmless capital investors in, a little, and then the civilized face of patriotic aristocracy will be seen.


Globally it is good to put “black” and “yellow”, people – even women - in the positions, where they are seen, but on the same time keep the decisions of movements of the capital in white hand.


European research shows that in worst cases bureaucracy may affect national economies from 2-4 percent of the Gross National Product. They watch and control, manipulate us there, but it was supposed to be other way around.


Out of fashion Karl Marx already taught us the basics of this problematic. Capitalism does not change its nature, only the ways to behave. Today the money owners are not so much of rockefellers, oppenheimers, krupps, rotschilds, de beers´, but new Aristocrats, who are earning unseen salaries to keep them in place to make money-so-fast-than-possible to the shareholders sitting in the board.

Funny model because every organisation theory knows how good the change time-to-time in leadership is, how sitting over 6-7 years in same chair freeze manager. Now the multimillion benefits are justified by the need to keep them there forever.

It just describes the idea of old capitalism in the New World; achieved benefits are not supposed to be given away. Never. Never.


This Struggle where the civil opposition is going is not the fight in physics. It happens now between power of the people and capital.

Independence fighters cannot win with old methods because, once a again, the enemy has stronger arsenal.


Like in all struggles the winner will be the one with better lead forces, the one with better will.

The strategy in the struggle must be based on realities. The change of economic system, based on states own capital, went in late 1980´s with Berlin Wall collapse. Also in Africa and Asia because the revenge of global money owners would be too strong.


Today the public acceptance, also in this struggle of right to owe own, is on the side of freedom fighters.

On the other hand, as we saw in Zimbabwe, Iran, Syria, Russia and Arabic spring - you cannot go too far - or London & Washington - or Moscow will be sanctioning or bombing and - what was won - is gone.


The soldiers of the struggle should be in the Government Offices, in Parliament, in Councils of Regions and Municipalities.

The food served to these soldiers for survive in battle field is the mandate straight from people.

Their ammunition is legislation, better governance, innovations, development plans, better skills, new technology and governance, strategy and most of all: political and administrative will.


There power of fighters on public sector is in their ears, do they hear the voice of the people. But they behave in this case like they are deaf, blind, speechless or just owning the public house.


Their snailism to defend privileges can be won only by flexibility and readiness for change. It can be lost by own snailing, because that is just what they want.

All times escaping enemy, also this one, defending achieved interests, can be caught only by better plans.

Snailing is actually the only tactics, which is available for them in this Defence Struggle of achieved interests.

Let me please define this “snailism” that I did when living as a European in shame - a decade ago in Africa:


Snailism is strategy what an organisation or person use when it is trying

to slow decisions, changes and implementation of new;

either when defending his achieved interests or power (Private Snailism)

or when organisation does it in good faith without

knowledge that slowering is against its own interest

(Public Snailism).


Snailing is the tactics in day-to-day actions to implement

Private or Public Snailism.

It can be defensive like in case of privilege

defence or just bureaucracy-based when ruling by forms is not

the reason but becomes the purpose.


The strategies of battles in Civil Opposition must be better than theirs and things must happen and be done faster than they can.


We have better weaponary than never before in history. They are, internet, social media, groupware and the ideology of sharing, In Africa we have a good word for this. “Ubuntu.”


In Africa, “ubuntu” is the term used for group solidarity issues.

In essence “ubuntu” is a universal concept that can be applied

to all poor communities.

The central belief here is that a man can just be a man through others.

It´s key values are group solidarity, conformity, compassion,

respect, human dignity and collective unity.

Mbigi. L and Maree.L 1995 “Ubuntu


It is a fight of governance against capital. That is why they want this new public management – privatize the public. Change and rob welfare business. I think that the central issue in modern as I Call it, “stable” market economy is not how we are sharing the our limited resources of globe but how we are using the available resources in best possible way to increase welfare.

Fairness means in welfare societies white ubuntu in practrice: that the individual will make reasonable sacrifices for the community (even pay taxes) received in exchange for good. A person who does not make these “sacrifices”, is a free-rider and chip away to set up a fair society


In this liberation from greed to sharing; Ubuntu, generals are sitting in government, the march of fighters, through the jungle of hard times, happens in leadership of Permanent Secretaries, CEO´s in Regional and Local Governments and fight will be fought by Civil Servants’ skills and will. Service comes from Councils’ decisions and approvals of the Parliament.

They do it if we who are electing their bosses, the politicians, will say it loud and clear. I know this sound naïve, but I´m an old man wtith young warriers´ heart. I have seen miracles happen. Usually after well organized pressure from the people.

We are all connected, any one be a publisher, We are already sharing things. We are putting new systems up for sharing property to others in the new sharing economy. Owning, privatizing is old fashioned and stupid, we can´t get things with us to heaven. You can love things but they can´t love you back.


Like so often in the start of rebellion, the Army of Independence Fighters is old fashioned behaving, has old guns and a little of ammunition.

The military system has been inherited from Them: Prussian tradition of rule, British administration,CBoer arrogance and racist rule training.


So the first job is to rearm and retrain and educate the freedom fighters Our army in good deeds.


Freedom Army needs better and faster decision-making.


Last time the freedom fighters had no way to answer, when the enemy helicopters came;

“No, we cannot fight because this is how our administrative system works, can the helicopter come back after two years?”


So there is no way either now of contra snailing by using “government-works-like-this”-excuse, when it would be nice to postpone the battle for good.


New management of the new independent struggle must reorganize the system, inherited from the enemy, to global and National shape.

The answers are, of course, coming from your own tradition - to make the new independence worth to fight for:


Traditional leadership was close to the people.

The arm is then Decentralisation.


Traditional management was thin and fast.

The arm is then Good Governance.


Traditional fighters were armed by home made weapons.

The arm is then sharing of tools of modern technology between the fighters.


Traditionally there were not too much of Prussian rulebooks to go to the War.

The rules and laws must be less and from your own pen and tradition.


Traditional discipline was based on own culture and ethics of the village.

The new economy and tools must be of sharing origin, from own open sources and thought and brought in use from near to far.

We are talking localisation as a counterpart for globalisation. Our new society can bring us close by. Think about smart cities or 3 D printing, massproduction will soon be partly out and small scale and journeyman be back in your carage or village working like before the industrial age with the help of the robots and smart devices.

New worker works less and live better.

Are you with me?

We must come to field from the grandstand. We are the couaches, they must deliver. This is about using democracy. It´s the people not the government or big money.

The Governments and administrative leadership need to improve. We need to slimeline it for us, reregulate to make it better in service and it´s not just privatizing but modernizing it for the needs of tomorrow.

The change is inevitable and Must, because the system you are running as in administration is Their bureaucracy.


This sound like a difficult task, but can be very home origin:


Did your Grand-grand father rule by snailing?

Was he arrogant for people?

Is besserwisserism inherited origin?

Was your Grandfather slow in decisions, did he not know by the wisdom what to do, what is right?

Did your Grandmother forget to show respect to other people?

Did your Father leave decisions of today for tomorrow?

When you went to him, did he answer that fathers do things of common sense only by the rules and norms of complexity?

Are your children refusing to learn new?

Has your Wife ever been refusing to wear new cloth or to travel to see new things?

Does your Son keep new technology as nonsense, which needs to be learned as late as possible?


If you are with me, the conclusion is, that the Army of the New Struggle is the better and more willing Administration and the ammunition is people´s will. Together they will win: only by better governance and own, strong will. We need thousands of adhoc civil opposition groups to work for certain tasks, for certain time without institutionalizing them selves. The net is ready, we have a campaign manager in cell inside our pockets.

Move on.

I´m not doing this for you ready as given ideas. It´s your job, elders can tell how to influence, younger use the machinery, together we can share and win what we want. I`m not telling what that what is. It´s you and your pals. But I am going to light the fire, So keep watching what I`m teaching and preaching.


Politicians shoud lead the all the way, but not make but-but questions all the time without loud and clear message. Let´s organize ourselves a little with our cellphones and social media so that they get their will from the people. Either of them, public servant or politician do not do it without our pressure.


But it´s their job, to serve people and work for the people, not for aristocracy of wealth.


This multimmedia & book is about change, about the weapons given to the Fighters of the Independence Struggle of Economic Rights and Freedom from Their Capital.

It is ecoism instead of egoism.

Veli-Antti Savolainen 


Author journalist,  Finland

Married with Marichen Hei-//gauses, Namibian Citizen, Children: Sonja-Maria, 33, Samuel, 30, Kalevi Ubasen, 13.


Before concentrating fully to media Mr Savolainen was a well known young politician in  Finland.


He was elected twice in general elections to the City Council of Espoo (today 240 000 inhabitants) in 1972 at the age of 23 .


Mr Savolainen was called Editor-in-Chief of National Daily Newspaper Iltaset at the age of 24, youngest ever in Finnish media history, to lead national newspaper.

Since then he was one of the most successful journalist and publisher of his generation in Finnish media business.

He has been founding and re-engineering several publications like national daily Uusi Suomi and weekly Apu magazine for Finnish biggest media houses. Iltalehti who was established in his leadership for Uusi Suomi Company in 1981 is now third biggest national daily in Finland.


After serving media over 20 years Mr Savolainen started his own company in 1994. Since then he has been well known author of over ten books, lecturer for many Universities and consulting for leading ICT Companies (i.e. Digital, Compaq, ICL, Unisys, Nokia, Sonera, Elisa Telecom, Apple) as expert of Information Society.

In 1996 Mr Savolainen was invited to the Information Society Forum, as a member nominated by the government of Republic of Finland. He was elected to five member executive committee of the Forum and a publisher of Forum´s magazine Information Society Forum 1997-2000.


He was called by the President of the Republic of Finland to chair a three person expert group of President of the Republic Mr Martti Ahtisaari to prepare third wave Information Society implementation plan of civil society innovations, content and knowledge policy matters for Finland as European service provider 2000.

Mr Savolainen wrote 1992 book called National Strategy of Finland based of think tank of leading Finnish businessmen and -women and key representatives of public administration.

Book was also wholly published as series of articles in national newspaper Iltalehti in 1992.


Mr Savolainen wrote together with Doctor (Philosophy) Pekka Himanen a book called Kohtaamisyhteiskunta (Information Society of Sharing), which was the first European book of economic, social, cultural, philosophical and ecological substance of information society. Book was a best seller with 19 700 copies and became a learning book in several educational institutions.

Ministry of Finance ordered a large edition of it for national strategy planning purposes.


Later Mr Savolainen has written several learning books of different subjects of media studies with emphasis on information society. He has been also actively implementing ideas to the practice in Finland, Estonia and Africa.


His companies have organized biggest post war training activity to give basic ICT and Information society skills for over 200 000 adult citizen 1997-2000.


His company´s ICT product Primenet Platform won in 2003 first price in Infocities competition between European Capitals of best Civil Society Internet solution. It was also use implemented in Africa by Namibian government.

Mr Savolainen have been giving hundreds of lectures and speeches not only in Finland but also in Sweden, Germany,Norway, Italy, Switzerland, Russia, USA, South Africa, Malawi, Ghana, Great Britain, Namibia and Estonia.

His books are printed over 270 000 copies and his company has produced radio programmes and over 100 television programmes, mostly for education department of Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE and the biggest Finnish TV channel MTV3.


Since May 2002 Mr Savolainen was Project Director for eOffice project of Capacity Building of Local Authorities, CABLE project, of Finnish and Namibian Governments (MRLGH). He visited first 20 times and then lived three years in Namibia and was leading a team of eight people, six from Namibia.


He is active columnist in a weekly paper and popular blogger.

Short introduction of the ideas
The New Struggle for Independence

Independence is more than independence of a country. Or it has no value if it´s not freedom for people of oppression, unequality or racism. Today people are under the control of global monopolies.

CIVIL OPPOSITION -  doing good

Never before in the history have people been so much under control and manipulation because of modern technologies. NSA, CIA,FSG... are with other totalitarians in our pockets listening what we are saiyng in our cell phones. Never before has the people so much of audience that they have now through social media and smart communication. It is cahgin the World on commication.

DIGINOMICS is a possibility

New technogies are changing our societies, work, communication and the way we interact with other people. It´s a change, but also a chance.


New media can help us to work together. We can share everything also our way of live in community. Here I show a process of building the action group for "civil opposition".

New struggle for indpendence

1. People should be in center, not capiltal or administration. 2. Market economy and capitalism needs reform: from greediness to sustanability. 3. Hate and racism must ne beaten. 4. Dignity and equality are not only moral values but also a must if we want to stay alive as a mankind. 5. THEY want to centralize everything, WE musta desentralize power to the people. 6. Share, Ubuntu. 7. From egoism to ecoism. 8The time we anymore have is limited.


Monumental mistakes are nowadays just part of the business...

Mario Draghi

They come from Goldman Sachs and go back to Goldman Sachs, Who is in whos´pocket?

There are 99 percent of the people

who on one percent of the World wealth. The others - 1% - are asking and getting tax cuts - because "it´s trickling down" to those 99rs.

Money rules

Theyu wanted to buils United States of White Man, but the red necks are makingg it impossible, IN US, Brexit, France, Hungary... What a paradoxy.


is good and much bettter if you own money. But we must wok together just to save ourselves.

German hyperinflation

The intrest rates have been done so the inflation will grow. Let me tell you that the inflation will grow because of these debt we are having. Pls Google "hyperinflation" so you know what am I talking about...

Who will pay back

We are borrowing like nobodys business. Our children? No no, read your bible: even four generations are not enough...

Greece way will our way
Do we really want war back?
Do we really letr them to keep up

the financial crise for ever?

Suomen Strategia 1993
Panisc is folowing an other

World is out of control,we must take it back from these superdirectors for nothing who are not sharing anything else than themselves.

wom lib
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